Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 SPX Football: Base, Rookies, and Rookie Auto Jersey Tier 1 & 2 complete

I guess it's fitting that in the last week of the regular season, I've essentially completed collecting the major components that comprise the 2008 SPX Football card set. The regular base set is complete (cards 1-90) and the regular serial numbered rookies (cards 91-150) are all here (pictured above).

In a bit of insanity, I also decided to collect all of the tier 2 autographed jersey rookies (cards 151-177), the tier 1 autographed jersey rookies (cards 179-185), and all of the non-jersey autographed rookies (cards 186-225). There is no card #178 for some reason.

Above is all of the tier 1 autographed jersey rookies (179-185): Brian Brohm, DeSean Jackson, Matt Ryan, Darren McFadden, Jamaal Charles, Devin Thomas, and Jonathan Stewart. As mentioned in a previous post, the absurdity of collecting these is pretty over the top, as there were only 325 possible sets produced (the cards are serial numbered). But since they're all distributed through packs, the actual number of complete sets in the world is a mere fraction of that. In fact, some would say that anyone attempting such a pointless accomplishment is certifiable. Well, here I am.

And now we have the tier 2 autographed rookie jerseys (above), which are numbered out of 599. There's a green parallel limited to 199. I tended to favor these over the 599 edition because of the far more interesting swatches (they tend to have pieces of patches and screenprint ink from the jerseys versus standard mesh). Standouts in tier 2 would be Joe Flacco, Matt Forte, Chris Johnson, Eddie Royal, Steve Slaton, and Felix Jones.

These two are about as crazy as it gets. They are part of the gold rookie jersey autograph parallel set. In the gold parallel, there's only 25 total sets made! So the Jordy Nelson is serial numbered #22/25 made and the Jake Long is #20/25. With the gold parallel, the materials usually include a ball swatch, a multi-color jersey patch swatch, and a mesh jersey swatch.

As for the non-jersey rookie autographs, I need two more that I'm waiting on to arrive: J. Leman and Ryan Clady. I'll definitely be pretty stoked when the last 2 cards I need show up at the house... pictures to follow accordingly.

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