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Notes on Integrity "Vvalpürgisnacht" : The recent vow of getting the label back to its early roots in spirit, packaging, and more "lifer"-oriented bands continues on, this time in the form of a very special release from a band that needs very little introduction: INTEGRITY. After being put in touch via mutual friends, Dwid and I exchanged several emails about some cool projects that we could work on. Given our mutual appreciation for hardcore music, skateboarding, DIY, and the efforts of artists like Pushead, ideas flowed and things fell into place very quickly.

First up is a very special CD to kick things off right. In many ways a tribute to Pushead's days running the Bacteria Sour label, "Vvalpürgisnacht" features hand-screened cover art, a hand-screened skull logo patch, an insert featuring lyrics and an illustration from Florian Bertmer, the two tracks that comprised the 7" on A389 Records, plus two SEPTIC DEATH covers thrown in for full homage vibes. A stamped and hand-numbered edition of 666 copies is now available from my webstore and will be with the band at future shows. Non-numbered copies will be available in independent stores this month.

Fair warning: in the coming days, I will be offering this CD in a limited box set (100 made) with a t-shirt featuring Florian's "Sandra Good" illustration (a collaboration with friends at Shirts & Destroy) as well as a "Vvalpügisnacht" skateboard deck that will come with a free copy of the CD under the shrinkwrap. A separate/stand-alone "Vvalpügisnacht" shirt will also be made available in the coming weeks. So if you intend to pick up one of the box sets, a deck, or shirt, feel free to hold off on ordering until those items are in stock.


- 2 new INTEGRITY songs and 2 exclusive SEPTIC DEATH covers
- All copies feature silkscreened cover artwork
- Special hand-numbered/stamped edition for Magic Bullet mailorder and INTEGRITY shows (numbered to 666)
- All copies include silkscreened patch and offset insert featuring artwork from Florian Bertmer
- You can try out/download the entire recording for free at
- PLEASE NOTE: we are issuing both a CD/shirt box set very soon AND a CD/skateboard deck package soon. Just a heads up so you're not like "awww fuck" later...

• To order this CD online, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore
• If paying by cash or money order, write for instructions


Notes on Forensics: Sonic Victimization Unit "Deathscream" : Out here in Virginia, we have this annual festival called Macrock. It's been around for a while and changes hands every 3-4 years or so. Anyway, depending on who's in charge for any given year, we'll either get asked to play it or we'll have to apply to play it. Last year was an application year, so we put in the application and just kind of forgot about it. A couple of weeks before the event, they finally announced who was playing. In true bass-player fashion, our guy Andy figured we weren't going to do it on such short notice and went off on a snowboarding expedition. Not being one for canceling and seeing that we were slated for the "metal showcase" (kinda notorious for being in oversized, off-site venues with not nearly enough bodies to fill them), the idea was hatched to do an alter ego set with guitars, electronics, and all kinds of circuit-bent goodness.

So myself, Graham, and former Magic Bullet intern Daniel Bachman got together one spring weekend and jammed on some material that we'd play the following Friday at Macrock. That rehearsal session was recorded and edited throughout the week for a C-45 that we made 50 copies of for the show. After playing 30 minutes in front of like... 12 people, we came home and got rid of the remaining tapes in a couple of days via the webstore. After getting enough "awww duuuude, I wanted one"s, it's now being issued on CD with a hand-screened cover featuring art that I signed and numbered.

Some of the covers came in with some slight imperfections, so they're not included in the signed/numbered edition. Instead, they're being sold as a "DIY edition" for $5 ppd for anyone who doesn't care about the whole signed/numbered/pristine aspect and just wants the jamz.


- 4 songs, 28 minutes of material created for a special alter ego noise set at Macrock 2009
- All copies feature silkscreened cover artwork designed by band member Brent Eyestone
- 2 editions: signed/numbered (out of 88) vs. DIY (no signing/numbering, slight silkscreening imperfections)
- All copies include silkscreened patch
- You can try out/download the entire recording for free at

• To order this CD online, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore
• If paying by cash or money order, write for instructions


Notes on "Sticky Icky" : Every couple of years, my brother Mark (who owns the local skate shop) and I collaborate on a new skate DVD that documents all of the rad kids who rip in this surprisingly fertile tiny town we live in. This year's video is definitely my favorite... mainly because the kids in it are just so talented and so ambitious. This thing took us into more countries and onto more continents than any of the previous. Pretty much the only places not hit were Antarctica and Africa... haha. Anyway, this one runs about 40 minutes and features all kinds of Magic Bullet bands and friends. And at $6 ppd, I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.


- Third collaborative DVD between Magic Bullet Records and Fredericksburg Skateboards documents modern skateboarding across multiple continents and countries
- View the full trailer at YouTube
- Soundtrack features JESUIT, LOSER LIFE, RINGFINGER, AUGHRA, and many more
- Hand-built packaging features custom-made stickers and reclaimed/recycled kraft digipaks

• To order this DVD online, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore
• If paying by cash or money order, write for instructions


Notes on Loser Life "I Have Ghosts and I Have Ghosts" : I think it's been a couple years since I've had this LP in stock... way too long. It was a split with 16oh and Mism (who still have copies of the OG press). Anyway, the band really wanted as much merch as possible for their extensive tours of the U.S. and Europe this summer, so I put together a new tour/mailorder cover design to distinguish it from the original. Only being sold on Loser Life summer 2009 tour dates and in the webstore... 175 on gray-ish marble and 25 on red marble. This thing still rages.


- Second pressing: 175 on mixed marble, 25 copies on red marble
- Brand new design features silkscreened cover
- Coupon for free downloads included in every jacket
- You can try out/download the entire recording for free at

• To order this LP online, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore
• If paying by cash or money order, write for instructions


Thank you. (FREE full-album downloads!)

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