Friday, August 7, 2009

New releases: KAOSPILOT "Shadows", THE PAPER CHASE "Someday..." LP (test press!), A CITY SAFE FROM SEA CD

Notes on Kaospilot "Shadows" : Judging by the layout Kris put together for this record, I really need to go to Norway. I mean... just look the fucking thing. Anyway, Kaospilot hail from Norway and play a really emotional strain of heavy music probably more at home in what would be Norway's equivalent of a sweaty VFW hall or cramped DIY space versus a multi-stage festival sponsored by Monster or Dr. Scholl's or what have you. These guys are looking to come over for some stateside touring this winter, so be on the lookout. A CD version has been tossed into every copy of the album on this one.


- First pressing of the new full length from Norway's KAOSPILOT (includes both an LP and a CD)
- Additional coupon for free downloads included in every jacket
- You can try out/download the entire recording for free at:

• To order this LP+CD online, please visit
• If paying by cash or money order, write for instructions


Notes on A City Safe From Sea "Throw Me Through Walls" : My friend Daniel makes some really cool artwork and gets hired to do all kind of concert posters and album covers, gallery shows, toys, all that stuff. Turns out he's also a huge guitar gear junkie and plays in a really cool band called A City Safe From Sea. He sent me demo tracks of stuff they were doing at practice years ago and I told him to just keep me up on future recordings. He held up that end of the bargain and now I'm pretty excited for people to hear what they've been up to for all these months. Gear nerds will certainly geek out on all of the batshit-crazy sonic tomfoolery, but at the heart of everything lies some super catchy songs that serve a fitting end to the summer season. Try the CD out for $5 ppd now or wait for the vinyl in the coming months.


- Debut full length from a great new Boston band
- Features original art and layout by Jay Ryan
- You can try out/download the entire recording for free at:

• To order this CD online, please visit
• If paying by cash or money order, write for instructions


Notes on The Paper Chase "Someday This Could All Be Yours" : I first met John Congleton a bit over a year ago when we were recording the This Will Destroy You/Lymbyc Systym split down in Dallas. We both started playing in bands around the same time and have been through a lot of the same circles and have both endured the bizarre "evolution" of the underground ever since, so it wasn't hard to hit it off at all. When I left Dallas, a pact was in place to continue crossing paths and collaborating on projects down the line. So a few months later, when word came down that Kill Rock Stars wasn't going to do the vinyl version of The Paper Chase's newest record, it just seemed like a no-brainer that it should come out on Magic Bullet.

I had originally intended to do a run of test presses for the band to sell on their summer tour before the album formally came out. Instead of that going down, the master got flagged and held up at the plant for an uncleared sample. Needless to say, it had to be moved to a different plant and, in doing so, we lost weeks in production and blew the tour. Thus, those 45 copies slated for the tour are now available for mailorder. You win? 180 gram black vinyl, hand-numbered out of 45, hand-stamped, and includes full album sleeve and insert. Snatch these up if you're a collector, or just wait a week or two and I'll have the regular edition.


- Limited Test Press edition of The Paper Chase's latest full length
- Hand numbered and stamped to 45 copies
- 180 gram vinyl
- Includes full sleeve and inserts

• To order this LP online, please visit
• If paying by cash or money order, write for instructions



Christie Front Drive "Stereo" LP+DVD, CD+DVD, digital
Christie Front Drive "Discography" CD, 2xLP, digital
Forensics "You Don't Have To Win, But You Have To Fight" 10", CD
Integrity "Vvalpürgisnacht" CD/shirt box set
Integrity "Vvalpürgisnacht" skateboard deck
Loser Life "My Hell + More Hell" CD

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