Thursday, June 4, 2009

Austin Lucas "The Common Cold" LP now available for mailorder

Notes on this one: Sometimes it's easy to forget how I got acquainted with the music of Austin Lucas... mainly because the story is pretty off the wall. Converge was on tour in the Czech Republic and stayed with a local who gave Nate some of Austin's music. Austin happened to be living over there playing music and bartending at the time (after having spent most of his life in Bloomington, Indiana). Nate got home, checked out the songs, and instantly told me that I'd fall in love with it. He was correct and, within about 24 hours of first hearing about this guy and his music, Austin and I had agreed to release the freshly-recorded "Putting The Hammer Down" together.

The journey from that point was a pleasure to be a part of. In the span of a calendar year, he went from playing an auxiliary venue at The Fest 6 (to a mere smattering of people) to recording albums with Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music, playing several weeks on the Revival Tour (with Chuck, Ben Nichols of Lucero, Tim Barry of Avail, Tom Gabel of Against Me! and more), being flown in to play all sorts of legit country/bluegrass shows, and eventually landing a feature spot at Common Grounds by the time The Fest 7 rolled around. It wasn't necessarily overnight, but once people heard the music, they latched on with an enthusiasm and fervor that was palpable... the most fulfilling aspect being that it was all made possible via hard work and strictly DIY avenues, entities, and methodology.

"The Common Cold" was the first recording I heard by Austin Lucas, so it's a privilege and a treat to be able to re-issue this recording in North America (for the first time on vinyl). Enjoy.

MBL112-1 : AUSTIN LUCAS "The Common Cold" LP

- Formal North American reissue of Austin's debut album
- Comes with complimentary digital download coupon of entire album
- First pressing: 500 copies on black vinyl
- North American edition features exclusive photography and artwork from Jason Hellmann and Brent Eyestone
- Add the fully packaged CD version for only $4.50
- Add the new LP ("Somebody Loves You") on color vinyl for only $9.00
- Check out an Mp3 here

• To check out AUSTIN LUCAS on MySpace, please visit
• If paying cash or money order, write for instructions.
• To order this LP online, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore


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Thank you.

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