Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LOSER LIFE "Friends With A Demon" CD : $6.00!

Notes on this one: After a few years of dealing with some bullshit bands, bullshit managers, and trendy douchebag fans (all who call records "vinyls"), I made a simple promise to myself in 2009: get back to the roots that made the label fun for its first 10 years or so. What made it fun back then? Well, for starters, coming up with killer ideas for packaging (without having to give a crap about barcodes or if a store would carry it or not). And most importantly, working with bands who "get it." That's all that needs to be said. Without a doubt, Loser Life "gets it..." and this CD was fun as hell to put together. 12 tracks of ripping hardcore/punk all housed in a multi-layered non-retail-friendly presentation, complete with a patch that you can sew onto your favorite jacket or bag. It's all it needs to be, it's not for everybody, and we're all fine with that. These dudes will be tearing it up self-booked style all summer across the U.S. and all of Europe. I highly recommend showing your support however you can.


- The latest full length from Bakersfield, CA's LOSER LIFE
- Limited edition: 500 pieces
- Custom packaging with lyrics, photos, layered stickering, and an exclusive patch
- 12 brand new raging tracks of hardcore punk
- Check out an Mp3 here.

• To check out LOSER LIFE on MySpace, visit http://www.myspace.com/loserlife
• If paying cash or money order, write info@magicbulletrecords.com for instructions
• To order this CD online, please visit the Magic Bullet Webstore

Thank you.

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