Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A brief account of some of the exchanges I overheard at the Ravens/Redskins game

Ravens fan: So where are your seats?
Redskins fan: They're kind of behind the Skins' bench. I'm psyched.

Ravens fan: Oh good, then you can tell your boy Jason Campbell how much fucking cock he sucks this season.


Ravens fan (to Redskins fan in Sean Taylor jersey): Who's 'Taylor?'

Redskins fan (falling for it): Sean Taylor. You never heard of him?

Ravens fan: Fuck no, tell me more.
Redskins fan: Well, he was our best defender until he got shot last season.

Ravens fan: He got shot?

Redskins fan: Yeah, and he died.
Ravens fan: How many bullets?

Redskins fan: One, I think.

Ravens fan: Just one?!?

Redskins fan: Man, I don't know.

Ravens fan: One bullet - what fucking pussy. Shit, Ray Lewis got shot by one bullet, but he's playing tonight. He probably took the bullet out and ate it. 50 Cent got shot by like 9 bullets and he still made a bunch of records. Sean Taylor was just a pussy.

Ravens fan (to Chris Cooley, who was coming out of the tunnel for the second half and glanced up at our seats - literally 4 feet away): What are you looking at, faggot?
Drunk Ravens fan (to sideline reporter Andrea Kremer, in reference to NBC's overhead pulley camera sliding over the field): Hey Suzy Kolber! Suzzzzzy Kolber! Get your fucking UFO camera out of my fucking face.
Amazing female Ravens fan (to male cheerleader who looked up at her in the stands): Haha, you're a male cheerleader.
Needless to say, it was a pretty ridiculous night. And a rather cold one, as temperatures were in the low 20's with a wind-chill that drove it down even further. Even still, a completely enjoyable time. Flacco looked great and it's apparent he's got a bright future ahead of him. Ed Reed had 3 takeaways, one for a TD... it's kind of absurd how often he's been able to do this.

Super excited for this Sunday's game v. the Steelers.

p.s. The seats were great... endzone by the
visiting tunnel and right on the field:

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