Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to the island...

It's interesting... when you become a workaholic and actually enjoy what and all you do, it's increasingly easy to become submersed in that world and isolated from the bigger picture. This becomes even more the case if you're lucky enough to not have to answer to bosses or set responsibilities... where you're able to dictate your own actions and inactions completely. I was able to make that leap almost 6 years ago and, in that time, I've noticed that the more "professional" aspects of what I involve myself with seem to dominate overall perceptions. It makes sense... a lot of times, that's all I care to make available.

Sometimes all it does is make others assume we can't relate. It pushes them away. Sometimes I'm just as guilty in thinking that the life I lead makes it impossible to relate to too many people. And thus, I'm doing the pushing. Either way, sometimes even those close to me don't feel like they know what's going on in my head... or that perhaps all I care about is the work.

So to anyone stumbling in, consider this blog a self-imposed tracking device where you'll be able to get quite a bit more of what goes on here than what I give out via the traditional channels. More "me," less formality and entity-speak. Perhaps you'll stumble across some great revelation on the human condition... More than likely, you'll just be subjected to the banality of me constantly posting about rare football cards and records that I pick up.

Either way, I hope you find something interesting (or at least find amusement) in what is to come. Thanks for reading.

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