Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LYMBYC SYSTYM : Daytrotter Session : Download 4 Exclusive Live Tracks!

The ever-awesome Daytrotter site recently posted a very special live session from our favorite brotherly duo LYMBYC SYSTYM. The session features Jared and Mike performing 4 tracks (including two from the upcoming split with THIS WILL DESTROY YOU) and giving insight/explanations behind their creations. Additionally, the crew over at Daytrotter took the time to write their own description of the band's music AND drew a funny picture of the guys.

We can't thank the folks over at that site enough for all of the wonderful work they did in making all of this happen. In fact, the best way to thank them would be for as many people as possible to download the session and enjoy!

Download the songs here.

• LYMBYC SYSTYM "Carved By Glaciers" CD in stores everywhere January 13
• THIS WILL DESTROY YOU & LYMBYC SYSTYM "Field Studies" CD in stores everywhere January 13

(iTunes available now)
(LP versions available March 24)

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