Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some great Skate Rock finds in the bins at Long in the Tooth (Philadelphia)

Long in the Tooth is a great record store located on Sansom St. in Central Philadelphia. I hadn't been prior to this past weekend, but thankfully we were able to stop by before leaving town after Forensics' show the previous night. Some gems were to be had. I walked out with about 25 LP's and 7"s both new and old (Graham did similar damage). Below are a few skate rock gems from my haul.

Here it is: Odd Man Out's debut (and only) LP. I had this on tape as a kid and have had it on my vinyl want list for many years since. To find this in the bins gave me an unbelievable natural high: a mixture of nostalgia and adrenaline over "the hunt" finally being over. And all for $7.99... unreal. I put this on a few minutes ago and didn't forget a single word. This was Steve Caballero's band after the Faction. Ray Stevens played drums on it... Definitely a huge/major want now scratched off the list.

Killer comp territory right here: "Rat Music for Rat People Vol. 2" LP from 1984. MDC, DRI, JFA, Dicks, Fang, Minutemen, Big Boys, The White Lie, Tales of Terror, Butthole Surfers, and Personality Crisis. This one was in pristine shape with both inserts - couldn't believe it.

JFA's "Camp Out" b/w "Travels With Charlie" 7" on Spontaneous Combustion. Green vinyl and hand-stamped #41 out of 100 (though only 85 were issued with red ink). Really awesome screenprinted sleeve. This was mid-90's-era JFA, issued well after all of the classic JFA material that was caked into my memory/nostalgia (a la the Odd Man Out LP, Drunk Injuns, etc.). Thus, I don't remember these songs offhand and look forward to getting re-acquainted.

And finally, here's another 90's-era JFA 7" ("Lightning Storm" b/w "People's Revolutionary Party"). This supposedly came out in 1991, but the credits clearly state that it was recorded 5.1.92. Hand numbered out of 1000 on the label.

Really looking forward to making more and more regular visits to Long in the Tooth. Definitely everything you hope a record store to be - the perfect mix of all the new stuff you could ever want plus really tough to find old stuff at a great price. I highly recommend stopping by if you're a serious record nerd.

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